AliveInVR: An App for Controlling Ableton Live in Virtual Reality

By August 15, 2017Happy, Mixing, News, Software

Available on Steam is the new app AliveInVR – designed to control Ableton Live with the HTC Vive VR headset.

If you’re craving a way to get “inside” your Ableton Live set, AliveInVR might be the app you’re looking for.

In a fascinating video released by the developers of the app, you can witness a demo of how the it all works controlling all the basic parameters of a Live set: triggering clips and scenes, different modes for playing drum racks and manipulating faders and pan pots in Live’s mixer.

While this doesn’t represent a comprehensive system for managing Ableton’s very deep capabilities, it is no doubt a well-thought out and imaginative interface for a more physical interaction with a DAW. Perhaps a sign of things to come.

Find out more about AliveInVR here.

Via Fact Mag.

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