Watch Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails Run Through His Comprehensive Live Rig

By November 7, 2017News, Synths
nine inch nails alessandro cortini live rig live setup

The good people at Reverb have just published a pair of videos featuring Alessandro Cortini, multi-instrumentalist for the intrepid Nine Inch Nails.

In the first video he runs through his current live rig, including some drool-worthy Eurorack modules and a Prophet 12, plus a few guitars to boot. In the second he runs us through why he lugs around a Tascam Portastudio as part of said rig, “basically used as a poor man’s Mellotron”.

nine inch nails alessandro cortini live rig live setup

Want to know what Nine Inch Nails drag around on tour? Dissect Alessandro Cortini’s stacked live rig with the man himself.

The first video is definitely the juiciest; it’s a surprisingly transparent insight into all the facets of Cortini’s doomish sound. Hardly an artist who guards his sonic secrets!

Although any good sound engineer would probably crucify me for it, I’ve got a soft spot for a setup with good colour coordination, something Cortini has in spades. Apart from that cheeky Teenage Engineering OP-1, we’re talking black, dark navy and nothing too bright. Very, very Nine Inch Nails.

Watch the videos below.

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