AKAI Professional Release MPC 2.0 Software

By November 22, 2017News, Software

Akai Professional have just released version 2.0 of their MPC software which can be used as a DAW or a plugin.

Akai Professional’s MPC software has just reached version 2.0. It brings regular DAW features to the table, as well as tight integration with MPC hardware.

The new software is understandably skewed toward beatmaking, featuring real-time time-stretch, pitch-shifting and Ableton link support.

As such, the software is compatible with a host of Akai hardware units and controllers such as the MPC X, Live and Touch.

It also, however, adds functionality that pushes it into standalone DAW territory, such as audio track recording, advanced signal routing capability, effects returns and multi-output capability.

As well as the new MPC 2.0 software, Akai are also releasing the Vault 2.0, which will feature over 10GB of samples and instruments from the world’s leading sample libraries.

Visit Akai Professional for more details.

Via Synthopia.

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