Aclam Reveals The Beatles Inspired Dr. Robert Overdrive Pedal

The Dr. Robert overdrive stompbox from Aclam has just been announced. It claims to be a perfect replica of the VOX UL730, the amp favoured by The Beatles on the Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s sessions.

Aclam claim to have captured the guitar tone of The Beatles in their Dr. Robert overdrive pedal. It also has the unique aesthetics of the Revolver album cover.

The pedal was inspired by the ultra rare VOX UL730 amp. It was a pioneering hybrid amp that used a solid state preamp stage with a tube based power amp stage.

Aside from a few incredibly high profile fans (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Page), the amp wasn’t a commercial success. Therefore they’ve become an incredibly pricey collector’s item. Aclam did manage to acquire one, however, in order to produce their faithful tribute.

If features gain control, overall volume, mids control (which is key to dialling in the authentic tone of the original amp) and Mach Schau! – an additional saturation switch with independent volume control.

To top it off, Klaus Voormann, the designer of the Revolver album cover, lent his hand to the pedal’s artwork.

Visit Aclam for more details.

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