Ableton’s CV Tools Controls Modular Synths in Live

Ableton CV Tools

Ableton has released the beta version for CV Tools, a series of new Max for live plugins for controlling and modifying modular and CV gear. 10 plugins feature in the new package, which can alter pitch, timing and even send signals to sequence your modular gear.

Ableton CV Tools

Ableton has released the beta version of CV Tools, which allows you to controls and sequence modular synths and drums machines.

Some of the new Plugins included in CV tools are CV Instrument, which controls and modulates modular synths, CV Triggers which sequences drum machines, CV Clock which synchronises live’s tempo from your Eurorack system and CV shaper, which lets you create your own CV shapes to be sent to your modular rig.

To use the new suite you’ll need a DC-coupled audio interface that can send and receive CV signals and at this stage, CV Tools can only be used with the beta version of Live 10.1. Despite there being no confirmed date for the official release of 10.1, CV Tools will land alongside the new wavetables, EQs and delays touted for Live 10’s first update.

“CV Tools is coming soon, including 10 creative Max for Live devices that let you interact with and control your modular gear with Ableton Live.

After a beta testing period, the Pack will be free for Live 10 Suite owners, or those who own Live 10 Standard plus Max for Live,” said Ableton.

For more information head on over to the Ableton website, or head to the Ableton Beta Program for the download.

So whether you’re waiting for latest sims 5 release in your downtime or practising scales, this is worth checking out!

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