Ableton Releases Probability Pack Randomisation Plugins for Live 10 Suite

By October 10, 2018News, Production, Software

Probability Pack is a set of five devices that aims to bring controlled randomisation to musical ideas in Ableton. It was developed by Sonic Faction and is free to owners of Live 10 Suite.

The Probability Pack brings generative, randomised inspiration to Ableton productions. It includes tools for fresh melodic sequences, arpeggios and rhythms.

Each of these sequencing tools can inject a touch of controlled randomisation, or dialled up to create chaos. They also come with presets designed by Sonic Faction for instant idea generation.

They include Melodic Probability, which is a monophonic step sequencer where you can set the probability of event, pitch and octave of each step. The Rhythmic Probability tool controls the event, velocity and length for each step.

The Probability Arp is an arpeggiator with a built-in chord generator; Step Divider can divide individual steps into any number of smaller fractions. Dr Chaos is a neural network that encourages unpredictable melodic generation.

The pack also ships with more than 60 Ableton synth presets that are curated to tastefully slot into the new sequencers.

Visit Ableton for more details.

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