Ableton Announces a Fresh Update. So What’s New in Live 10.1?

By February 12, 2019News, Production, Software
ableton 10.1

Ableton has announced the first update for its Live 10 software. Version 10.1 comes with a range of exciting new features, including new devices and systems that look to improve workflow for producers.

Ableton Live 10.1

Ableton has released the beta version for Live 10.1. The software offers a host of new features for producers to get excited about.

Live 10.1 is Ableton’s first major update since the software’s release early last year. The latest version includes a new three-band equaliser called channel EQ, as well as a new delay that combines Ableton’s staples, ‘Simple Delay’ and ‘Ping Pong Delay’.

Another exciting feature is an overhaul to the software’s automation function, with sculpted envelope options, meaning you’ll no longer have to go through the slow process of drawing endless red lines in yourself.

Also new is VST3 support, as well as upgrades to Wavetable. Live 10 also improves upon Ableton’s zoom function, allowing you new macro and micro views of your project. One of the handiest new additions is that you can now freeze tracks with sidechain routing, which is a gift to dance producers.

Live 10.1 is currently in Beta phase, but Ableton says that the full version is coming soon.

For more information head on over to the Ableton website.

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