A Synth Love Story: Black Corporation’s Rachael Module

By August 19, 2019News, Production, Synths
Rachael Eurorack Module

After their release of the Deckard’s Voice Eurorack module not two weeks ago, Black Corporation has now blessed us with its partner, Rachael. Deckard’s Voice was based upon timeless sci-fi movie Blade Runner and the Yamaha CS-80 used to record its soundtrack.

In true Blade Runner fashion, Black Corporation’s latest module reunites protagonist Deckard with his love Rachael, a new multi-function companion module.

Rachael Eurorack ModuleRachael is the new companion module for Deckard’s Voice. A potent pairing of Blade Runner inspired Eurorack synth modules.

Rachael comes designed with same sleek grey faceplate as Deckard’s Voice, at about half the size. It’s a ring modulator with its own reference oscillator and envelope generator, it also works as an independent ADSR, LFO, or VCO extending the possibilities of Deckard’s Voice or any other modular system. The oscillator can be fixed to be a square wave or a glitched sawtooth which is changeable using the switch on the back.

With the release of Rachael, Black Corporation has also announced that the Deckard’s Voice module is now available for pre-order. The revealed list of specs includes a dedicated LFO for PWM and VCO with pulse, glitch saw and sine outputs. Black Corporation Deckard’s Voice & Rachael will be available this November.

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