808 Sounds for iOS: Meet the MV08 Drum Machine

The MV08 from developers MVStudio delivers an 808 experience for iPhone and iPad.

A mobile and authentic beatmaker, the MV08 delivers a hands-on drum machine experience within a very affordable iOS app.

This new mobile drum machine features over 200 44.1k/16bit WAV files sampled from the original and truly iconic 808. It also offers up panning and pitch controls, and two sends per voice. This is topped off by a master section 3 band EQ and distortion control.

The familiar XOX sequencer format is maintained, yet the controls can be edited for each step, so you can manipulate the pitch to create bass lines for example. Each pattern can be up to 64 steps long, so the song-building possibilities are limitless.

With 8 banks of 16 patterns, there is ample room for storage of all your favourite beats and is immensely shareable, including support for Ableton Link and Audiobus.

Perhaps most noteworthy is the asking price of $3.99 US! The definition of a bargain for this amount of quality.

Found out more about the MV08 here. 

Via Synthopia.

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