3 Delays You’ll Actually Use: Arturia’s New Delay Package

Arturia Delays

Arturia’s 3 Delays is a steaming hot new delay package that “You Will Actually Use“. Previous instalments in this line of effect packs have included filters, preamp and compressors – each claiming to be the most no-fuss effect solutions for your music production.

Each pack so far has come in a trio and Arturia’s 3 Delays is no exception. It’s 2 vintage delay emulations and new original delay design are capable of providing an avalanche of cascading delay tones to your audio.

Arturia’s new 3 Delays package gives you all the features without the fuss. It’s accurate vintage emulation and modern versatility make it a go-to solution.

Firstly, if it wasn’t already obvious, the 201 Tape Delay is an emulation of the beloved Roland 201 Space Echo. The retro tones of the ’70s are brought to life in your DAW in what Arturia considers the most authentic tape delay emulation to date.

The Memory-Brigade is the other vintage member of Arturia’s 3 Delays and offers vintage analog quality. In essence, it is a bucket brigade delay pedal in software form. Its display makes us think of the legendary Memory Man guitar pedal with its sleek red and silver design.

The plugins EQ, filter, LFO, ping pong and vibrato capabilities make it a powerhouse delay with a multitude of uses. As a result, the Memory-Brigade is more than able to fill that analog echo shaped hole in our lives.

Lastly, Eternity is Arturia’s new innovative delay plugin combining delay and creative effects. Packing advanced bitcrushing, filtering and lo-fi features Eternity is a fresh delay for the modern producer.

To try the online demos or for more info visit Arturia here.

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