3 by Alev Lenz is an Album That Comes With its Own Sample Library

Alev Lenz 3 LP sample library

Imagine this: you buy an album and you’re enchanted by its sounds. You’re so smitten with its sonic textures that you can imagine yourself making your own music with its ingredients. Welcome to 3, the new album by Alev Lenz.

As you can imagine, it’s not a typical release. The album is the result of a collaboration between sample library specialists, Spitfire Audio and its subsidiary record label, SA Recordings. The whole package includes a 12 inch gatefold vinyl, digital album and a sample library featuring 20 original patches comprised of Alev Lenz’s compositional tools. Alev Lenz 3 LP sample library

Not your average release: 3 is a new album from Alev Lenz, which is part LP, part digital album and interestingly, a sample library made up from the songwriter’s favourite sounds.

Here’s how SA Recordings explains the rationale behind the unique collaboration for Lenz’s album (whose work has featured on Black Mirror and Dark):

Spitfire Audio brings you an exclusive library featuring 20 original patches made up of Alev’s main compositional tools – her voice, piano and experimental electronics. The library features a collection of Alev’s most distinctive sounds that have been playfully unravelled, stretched and morphed for optimum fun and creativity.”

With this package, you could make the most authentic of remixes, or use the sounds as source material for going in a completely different direction.

To find out more, head over to SA Recordings.

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