3 Birds with 1 Stone: the Keeley Electronics DCR Pedal

By September 4, 2019Effects, Guitar, News, Pedals
Keeley DCR pedal

Keeley Electronics is no prude when it comes to creating glorious pedal love triangles and the DCR Pedal is no exception. Most known for their recent DDR pedal and outstanding Caverns delay, Keeley give us a drive, chorus and delay in one.

The pedal comes as a Keeley Custom Shop exclusive marrying a highly saturated, perfectly compressed, tube-gain tone with beautiful chorus/flanger and rotary-speaker effects.Keeley DCR pedal

The DCR pedal blends modulation and drive in beautiful ways. Keeley Electronics has put its best foot forward in giving us his dastardly duo.

The new Keeley runs in dual channel format with modulation and drive split between each side of the pedal. The DCR’s in and out jacks also act as TRS inserts and allow you to insert any effect in between the drive and chorus.

The drive channel has typical level, tone and drive controls as well as a style switch above the footswitch. There are two drive styles, one being full-range and highly saturated, the other combines a slight shelf filter and low-pass filter, perfect for warming up or thickening any guitar. From soaring lead tones to chunky drives, the DCR has got your back.

On the modulation side, there’s a broad palette on offer, including chorus, flange and rotary sounds. The central switch dictates which modes the channel switch selects between, whether chorus/flange or vibrato/leslie.

With this range of modulation available at your feet, the range of tones on offer is quite incredible, with a dedicated rate, blend and depth knob helping you dial them in. Create the perfect shimmer chorus tone on the left channel and then put its face in the dirt with the right.

Visit Keeley Electronics for more details.

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