9 Artists Who Have Reshaped the Fender Jazzmaster

The Big Winners in the Margaret Guthman New Instrument Competition

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The Margaret Guthman New Instrument Competition was recently held at the Georgia Tech School of Music. 14 finalists were invited to present their creations and perform live. The judging panel…
keyboard stabs

Download 167 Stab Samples For Free

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They might only last a second, but the impact of a stab can be infinitely profound. Slotting a few into your track can be great for creating catchy hooks and…

David Gilmour Reveals That He Mixed Jimi Hendrix’s Sound in 1970

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Sound guys are a very important component of live shows, however, they are easily overlooked or taken for granted. But maybe not in this instance. In a recent interview with Prog…
Pedal Crush

New Book ‘Pedal Crush’ to Cover Creative Applications for Stompboxes

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Kim Bjorn, author of the successful synthesiser book Patch and Tweak has announced his latest project, which explores pedal effects as a creative tool for all artists. The hardcover book called…
boss re-2w

The Boss RE-2W is the Coolest Delay That You’ll Never Get to Play

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Roland's Space Echo is one of the most loved of all delays, but we haven't yet seen a compact version of the effect. Until now. An imgur user by the name…

Arca Creates the Bootup Music for Mega Sg Gaming Console

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Arca, the Venezuelan electronic artist and producer who's worked with Bjork, Frank Ocean and Kanye West among others, has created the startup music for Mega Sg gaming console.   Arca…

How Dick Dale Teamed Up with Fender to Create a Sound Like No Other

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Dick Dale, who was most famous for pioneering surf rock, has died at the age of 81. He had a unique approach to guitar technique and paved the way for…
James B. Lansing

How James B. Lansing Reinvented Cinema Sound

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When was the last time you paid attention to cinema speakers? Apart from a few units on the side walls, most people don't actually get to see them. They're hidden…

Monsters and Machines: Backstage with Orbital’s Paul & Phil Hartnoll

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Last week, UK electronic duo Orbital touched down in Sydney for the first time in over eight years, playing a show at the Enmore Theatre that could only be described…

Fender Releases The First Model in it’s Alternate Reality Line, The Powercaster

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Fender has launched the first model in its all-new Alternate Reality series - The Powercaster. This new line follows last year's Parallel Universe series, a bunch of pretty experimental guitars,…

Pinar Toprak’s Captain Marvel Soundtrack Unveiled

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Captain Marvel, the latest epic in the Marvel series features an equally expansive soundtrack from the mind of Pinar Toprak. The score features all the daring and emotional extremes that…
acoustic metalmaterial

Researchers Create New Noise Cancelling Acoustic Metamaterial

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Researchers at Boston University have created a groundbreaking new form of 'acoustic metamaterial' capable of cancelling up to 94% of sound energy. Professor Xin Zhang and Ph.D student Reza Ghaffarivardavagh released…
SynTesla Synth

The SynTesla is a Steampunk Synth Based On a Waldorf String Module

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Welcome to the SynTesla synth, a DIY design from Youtuber Pj Tardiveau based around the sound generator from a Waldorf Streichfett Expander. Ever wondered what a synthesizer would look like if it was…

Erica Synths Releases Sample Drum and Plasma Drive Modules

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Erica Synths have been in stellar form lately when it comes to Eurorack modules. Now the Latvians are back with two new devices: the Sample Drum and Plasma Drive.  …

Jack White Car Tests a New Raconteurs Mix via FM Radio

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The fabled "car test" is one of those tried and true methods for listening to a mix in a different, but real world environment. In this video, Jack White takes…

Explore the Incredible Soundtrack to the New Apollo 11 Documentary

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"Apollo 11" is a new documentary which features previously unseen footage of NASA's first successful moon landing in 1969. It's soundtrack, composed by Matt Morton, features a combination of electronic…