9 Artists Who Have Reshaped the Fender Jazzmaster

sigil collection

Fender and HBO Team Up to Release Three Game of Thrones Themed Guitars

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Fender Custom Shop and HBO have teamed up to celebrate the release of the final season of Game of Thrones with the release of the Sigil Collection - three master-built…

Pioneer DJ Announces New DDJ-800 Controller

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Pioneer DJ has announced the widely anticipated DDJ-800, a new two-channel controller for its Rekordbox DJ software. The new system is geared to sit between the entry-level DDJ-400 and the…

Legendary Echo in Plugin Form: Pulsar Reveals the Echorec

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The original Binson Echorec 2 was one of the gamechanging sounds of the 60s and 70s. It was favoured by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd among others. Now Pulsar have…

Watch the QB in Action: A Cube Shaped Modular Synth Rig

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From the mind of Romanian composer Silent Strike comes the QB. It can take 560 HP of Eurorack modules, with 8 audio inputs on the top and 8 audio outputs…

Dunlop is Set to Release the MXR Carbon Copy Mini Analog Delay

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The MXR Carbon Copy is an icon of analog delay. Now Dunlop is set to debut the MXR Carbon Copy Mini. The same massive sound, but with a smaller footprint.…

Walrus Audio Unveils the Slö Multi Texture Reverb

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Boutique pedal makers Walrus Audio have launched the Slö Multi Texture Reverb pedal. It's just the thing if you're looking for ambient tails with a deep and dreamy modulation. Walrus…

Jack White Shows Off his Custom Made Acoustasonic Telecaster

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Jack White has shown off a new present while preparing to hit the road with The Raconteurs. The band has shared an image on their Instagram page of White brandishing…

Novation Launches Aphex Twin Update for Bass Station II

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To mark the auspicious date of April 14 (Avril 14th for Aphex Twin fans), Novation has released an update for its Bass Station II synth that was guided by the…

Fender Transforms the Jazz Bass Into a Guitar with the Sixty-Six

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In the latest from the Alternate Reality series, Fender took inspiration from an icon of the bass world. The Sixty-Six model shrinks down the Jazz bass and adds two extra…

Keep on Spinning: How the Digital Era is Changing Turntables for the Better

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The record player has been around in some shape or form for the best part of 140 years, and even though the concept of spinning vinyl has remained, the design…
Jimmy Page's Telecaster

Watch a Self Narrated History of Jimmy Page’s Telecaster

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To celebrate the launch of the limited edition 'Mirror' and 'Dragon' Telecasters Fender has released a new animated video detailing the history of Jimmy Page's famous guitar, narrated by the…

Millstap is the Closest Thing to Hendrix You Will Hear Anywhere

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I'm not kidding. A YouTuber and tone aficionado by the name of Millstap has spent the last 10 years making videos documenting the tone, setup and effects of Hendrix and…

Nura Partners With Spirit Level For Record Store Day Release

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Innovative headphone designers Nura have partnered with Melbourne based record label Spirit Level to produce a limited-edition Record Store Day 12-inch release. The double A-side vinyl will be restricted to…
Wireless Go

Rode Releases Wireless GO, the World’s Smallest Wireless Microphone System

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RODE's new Wireless Go is a super compact multi-purpose mic system perfect for those with active recording needs. RODE claims it's the smallest in the world for its class and…

Eventide Brings Back the Instant Flanger MkII as a Plugin

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The Instant Flanger was an instant classic upon its release in 1975. Eventide has finally brought it back, this time as a plugin: the Instant Flanger MkII. The swirly sounds of the…
Ernie Ball Factory

Take a Behind the Scenes Look at the Ernie Ball Factory

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A new film presented by Josh from JHS pedals takes a behind the scenes look at the Ernie Ball factory in California. The clip covers the origins of the company…