Netflix is Rolling Out Improvements to its Audio Quality

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Netflix is set to improve the quality of the audio on its streaming service. The optimised quality is aimed at viewers with streaming boxes, soundbars and surround sound systems. Audiophiles…
Gibson, china music industry

Gibson’s partnership with Universal Music China: what it means for the guitar giant

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Gibson has had a rocky recent past, to say the least. But a new business venture could see that change rapidly thanks to China's music industry. Guitar manufacturing titan Gibson…

The Amstrum reimagines the guitar for greater inclusion and access

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A new guitar attachment, ‘The Armstrum’, brings together inclusion and innovation for single-handed players. Developed by an Indian Research group Makers Asylum, the Armstrum is a new prototype designed for…
Stompenburg fx

The future of pedal shopping is here: Stompenburg FX

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Thomanns’ new Stompenburg FX allows you to test out the pedals of your dreams in real-time from the comfort of your own home. Europe’s largest online music store has now…
audio interface

Check out the 8 best audio interfaces for your home studio in 2021

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Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, every music maker needs an audio interface. Here are the best you can get your hands on in 2021. If you're working…

Unheard Radiohead cassette demo sells for an unbelievable £6,000

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A vintage Radiohead cassette demo from the band's school days, recorded between 1987-88, has sold for a cool £6,000 at auction. Featuring unheard tracks and a handwritten note from the…
Ableton live 11

Ableton Live 11 has arrived! Here’s everything you need to know

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Ableton 11 is here. Paying attention to its loyal army of users, long-awaited workflow enhancements have been included, along with new sounds and effects. Ableton Live 11 has finally arrived,…
Crocodylus, Social Climber

Watch Crocodylus perform ‘Social Climber’ Live at Enmore

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Northern Beaches legends Crocodylus recently rocked the Live at Enmore studios. Check this huge performance of their single 'Social Climber'. Northern Beaches band Crocodylus has long been a favourite of…
Caelum Audio Engineering the Sound

Engineering the Sound: testing out Caelum Audio’s Schlap and Tape Pro

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Caelum Audio's Schlap and Tape Pro is more than just a dynamic duo — it takes on modulation and creative transient shaping. Engineering the Sound was keen to take them…
midi controller

Here are the 12 best MIDI keyboards to play in 2021

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The MIDI keyboard is a versatile tool of music production, and increasingly, the central hub of the studio. Whether you're recording beats, performing keys parts, or doing sound design, the…
IK Multimedia irig pre 2

IK Multimedia has revealed the iRig Pre 2 portable preamp

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The iRig Pre 2 is the perfect portable preamp for audio and visual creators who need reliable, high-quality sound on the go. IK Multimedia's latest release, the iRig Pre 2,…

‘The Immersion Zone’: get lost in the ambient soundworld of Steve Roach

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Ambient icon Steve Roach's The Immersion Zone will let you bliss out to his discography for the rest of your life. Have you ever reached the end of a 10-minute…
Baloran the pool

Baloran unveils The Pool synth, and we’re curious to see how deep it goes

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After blowing minds in 2017 with their multi-timbre polysynth The River, French powerhouses Baloran are back with a new take on synthesis with The Pool. Baloran has been the project…
Audioengine a1

Audioengine launch the powerful and pocket-sized A1 desktop speakers

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Austin-based speaker manufacturer Audioengine has unveiled the A1 Home Music system, made up of a set of super-compact, Bluetooth desktop speakers. The A1 is a follow-up to Audioengine's award-winning previous…
Modal Electronics Argon8

Modal Electronics Launches Argon8 Wavetable Synth

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Modal Electronics has just announced the Argon8, a wavetable digital synthesizer brimming with features. The 37-key 8-voice polyphonic synth builds on some of the tech from their flagship Modal products,…
Chase Bliss Blooper

Chase Bliss Raises $200K for New Blooper Pedal in one Weekend

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If you ever needed reassurance of the enthusiasm and dedication of people in the music world, look no further. A Kickstarter campaign for the new Chase Bliss Audio Blooper pedal…