Modal Electronics Argon8

Modal Electronics Launches Argon8 Wavetable Synth

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Modal Electronics has just announced the Argon8, a wavetable digital synthesizer brimming with features. The 37-key 8-voice polyphonic synth builds on some of the tech from their flagship Modal products,…
Chase Bliss Blooper

Chase Bliss Raises $200K for New Blooper Pedal in one Weekend

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If you ever needed reassurance of the enthusiasm and dedication of people in the music world, look no further. A Kickstarter campaign for the new Chase Bliss Audio Blooper pedal…
Sony Walkman

Party Like it’s 1979: Sony Unveil First Streaming Compatible Walkman

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Cast your mind back forty years. It's 1979 and the very first Walkman has just been made. It will go on to be all the rage in the portable music…
Buchla 100 Series

Buchla USA Announce Return of Their Historic 100 Series

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In an incredible announcement, Buchla USA have said they will be bringing back the landmark San Francisco Tape Music Centre 100 Series in its original form and format. Built in…
Ruben Neeson

Watch Ruben Neeson Perform Moonlit Spell Live at Enmore

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Singer songwriter Ruben Neeson was recently welcomed to the Live at Enmore studio. Keeping it stripped back, he delivered a chilling performance of his latest single, Moonlit Spell.  Since the…
EMI TG12345

EMI Consoles: The Blueprint for the Future of Mixing

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They say necessity is the mother of invention and the audio industry is littered with developments that occurred, well, because they had to. The consoles that were produced by EMI…
Julia Why?

Watch Julia Why? Perform Starman Live at Enmore

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The Live at Enmore team recently welcomed local favourites Julia Why? to the studio. The band delivered a hypnotic performance of Starman, which appears on their newly released record Hysteria! The…
Roland Jupiter-X

An Icon Reborn: Roland Announce Two New Jupiter Synths

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The Jupiter series of Roland synths was gamechanger in analog synthesis when it emerged in the late '70s and early '80s. Now, the Japanese instrument behemoth has brought it back…
Baby Audio compressor

The Big Apple of Compression: Baby Audio’s I Heart NY

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I Heart NY is the new compression plugin from Baby Audio. New York-style compression, more commonly known as parallel compression, is famously used to beef up drum tracks and add…
NTS-1 on Table

The NTS-1 is the New DIY Synthesizer Kit from KORG

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Synth kings KORG have recently dropped an official line of DIY-focused instruments under the Nu:Tekt banner, starting with the NTS-1. The NTS-1 is a programmable synth kit and is made…
Britt Daniel on Stage

Fender Announces the Britt Daniel Tele Thinline

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Fender has recently launched a signature model Tele Thinline in honour of Spoon frontman, Britt Daniel. Those familiar with the American indie-rock outfit will know Britt's buttery guitar tone. In…

BasSynth is Wave Alchemy’s New Groundbreaking Plugin

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BasSynth is the latest earth-shaking bass synth made by UK sound design company, Wave Alchemy. The instrument is a 10GB library of multi-sampled sounds, oscillators and wavetables. BasSynth promises to…
Little Girl With Loog

Loog Launches Educational Guitars for Youngsters on Kickstarter

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Loog has just announced the release of their new guitar range to Kickstarter in their fourth company campaign. In 2011, the original Loog Guitar launched via Kickstarter, raising $65,618 from people…
Keeley DCR pedal

3 Birds with 1 Stone: the Keeley Electronics DCR Pedal

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Keeley Electronics is no prude when it comes to creating glorious pedal love triangles and the DCR Pedal is no exception. Most known for their recent DDR pedal and outstanding…
Arturia MicroLab

Arturia Goes Tiny with the Microlab Keyboard Controller

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Arturia has announced their latest portable MIDI device with the Microlab USB keyboard controller. A successor to its big brother the Minilab, Arturia's new smaller controller offers up two slim…
Linn LM-1 close up

How the Linn Electronics LM-1 Changed the Game for Drum Machines

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For all but the very ambitious, the late '70s was still the domain of analog technology in the music game. Roger Linn had a different vision for the future though.…