9 Artists Who Have Reshaped the Fender Jazzmaster

Twisted Electrons Announce the hapiNES L Chiptune Synth

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Inspired by the RP2A07 sound chip, the hapiNES L dishes up a ton of chiptune nostalgia. Aside from the good vibes, it has four tracks for expansive real-time composing, connectivity…

Watch as the Secrets of the Terminator 2 OST are Revealed

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Youtuber and synthesist extraordinaire, Alex Ball, has created a documentary outlining gear and techniques behind the Terminator 2 soundtrack. It's a fascinating insight into compositional methods and the development of…

Puremagnetik Unveils Verv Sunbaked Tape Loop Synth Plugin

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Verv is a new plugin that harnesses retro sounds that are very much part of the lofi zeitgeist. The synth plugin is inspired by classic string machines and sunbaked tape…
audio-technica ath-m50xbt wireless headphones enmore audio

Same Sound, No Tangle: Road Testing Audio-Technica’s Wireless ATH-M50xBT Headphones

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Audio-Technica's trusty M50s are the closest thing you'll find to an industry standard headphone. They're up there with the most recommended things of all time, like reading To Kill A…
les paul

Epiphone Les Paul vs Gibson Les Paul: What’s The Difference?

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Nothing screams rock quite like a Les Paul. In fact, you could say it wails. From Jimmy Page to Slash, the guitar has been instrumental in shaping the sounds of…

Project Studio Essentials Part III: The Computer and the DAW

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Beyond the microphone and audio interface, the path toward an efficient project studio becomes less clear. Waiting beyond these two pieces of relatively straightforward hardware is the software world -…

Gibson Kicks Off 2019 with a Massive Range of Custom Shop Guitars

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Gibson has revealed their epic new range of 23 Custom Shop guitars. This marks a return to form for the iconic guitar company, which faced bankruptcy as recently as last…
Billy Corgan Stratocaster

Billy Corgan Reunited With Long Lost ‘Gish’ Era Strat

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In an odd twist of fate, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has been reunited with his Stratocaster that was lost 27 years ago. Corgan has stated that the handpainted guitar was…
Jim Dunlop

Jim Dunlop Sr, Founder of the Jim Dunlop Company Has Passed Away

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Jim Dunlop Sr, founder of the Jim Dunlop company, has passed away aged 82. He will be remembered as one of the greatest innovators of the guitar world, one of…
T-RackS Quad Comp compressor

IK Multimedia is Giving Away Its T-RackS Quad Compressor For Free!

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There's nothing quite like a free plugin. For one week only IK Multimedia is giving away its T-RackS Quad compressor for free. The only catch is you have to sign…
ableton 10.1

Ableton Announces a Fresh Update. So What’s New in Live 10.1?

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Ableton has announced the first update for its Live 10 software. Version 10.1 comes with a range of exciting new features, including new devices and systems that look to improve…

Roland Files Trademarks to Protect 808 and 303 Designs

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Roland have belatedly sought trademarks to protect its designs of the TB-303 and the TR-808 in Germany. But with Behringer's RD-808 set to hit the shelves soon, the horse may…

Project Studio Essentials Part II: The Audio Interface

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Of all the pieces of gear that needs to be acquired for a functional project studio, the microphone - covered in the first article of this series - is perhaps…

Download the Synth One iPhone App from AudioKit for Free

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What's not to like? The epic Synth One app from AudioKit has been making waves on the iPad for a while. Now it's available to download for free as an…
TC Electronic Brainwaves

Think Pitch Shifting, With TC Electronic’s Brainwaves

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When someone says pitch shifter, the first thing to come to mind is probably the Digitech Whammy. It's a classic pedal and other manufacturers have had to try pretty hard compete. Well, it…
Mark Mothersbaugh

Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh Shows Off His Synth Collection

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Mark Mothersbaugh is best known for being the lead singer, synth player and co-founder of new-wave group Devo. You may not be surprised to learn that the eccentric frontman has a…