9 Artists Who Have Reshaped the Fender Jazzmaster

Reverb’s Best-Selling Synths and Drum Machines of 2018

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Reverb has become synonymous with that word that makes your heart skip a beat, raises a sweat on your brow: gear. Evidently, many of us couldn't resist temptation to hit…
audera feature

Audeara Have Created The World’s First Truly Personalised Headphones

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From the moment you open the box on a pair of Audeara A-01 headphones, you get the feeling that it's going to change everything. The promise of a tailored listening…

Engineering the Sound: Public Enemy’s ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back’

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Chaotic, relentless and utterly abrasive, Public Enemy’s second full-length album It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back remains as one of the most influential pieces of work…
gary moore

Stolen Fender Stratocaster Signed by Gary Moore and Jimmy Page Found

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Police have recovered a Fender Stratocaster signed by the likes of Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and others after Moore's son Jack noticed it on eBay. The Strat was being signed…
Mr Typo

Haunt Your Dreams With Mr Typo, the Wall Mounted Speech Synthesiser

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Are you a sadist? Do you need a little more darkness in your life? Have you been looking for a synth where instead of using keys, you torture a baby?…

Watch Paul Hartnoll From Orbital Show Off His Live Synth Setup

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Pioneering producer and half of the electronic group Orbital, Paul Hartnoll, yesterday showed Fact Magazine some tasty trinkets in his Brighton studio. Earlier this year Paul Hartnoll and his brother Phil…

Pedaltrain Tease a Brand New, Very, Very Small Guitar Tuner Pedal

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Earlier this week Pedaltrain teased a new tuning pedal via a few images on their Instagram account. The new unit is called the Pedaltrain PT-SST Space Saving Tuner and they're…

Spitfire Audio LABS Unveils Synth Pads – A Free Sampled Synth Plugin

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Synth Pads is the latest free instrument from the crew Spitfire Audio LABS. It's the product of a mouthwatering synth collection and the imagination of its creators, Harnek Mudhar and…

Fender Launches the Nine Strong American Performer Series

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The American Performer series from Fender dishes up nine new guitars and basses. They also represent Fender USA's most affordable instruments and feature all new pickups, electronics and finishes.  …

Travis & Fripp Apps Deliver a New Listening Experience Every Time

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From developer Peter Chilvers comes Travis & Fripp I,II and III apps. The sounds were assembled from the recording collaboration between guitarist Robert Fripp and flautist/saxophonist Theo Travis.   The…

It’s About Time: Synthwatch, the Synth You Can Wear on Your Wrist

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If you weren't too convinced about smartwatches, this might get you excited. The 'Synthwatch' by Audioweld is the world's first wristwatch synthesiser and if you by chance think it sounds…

Gibson Unveils New Alpine White BB King ‘Lucille’ Signature ES-355

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In a collaboration with the King family trust, Gibson has announced a limited edition Alpine white 'Lucille' ES-335. In revealing the new guitar Gibson named the late B.B. King a…
modal craftsynth

Modal Electronics Announces the New CRAFTsynth v2.0

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UK synth manufacturer Modal Electronics has introduced the latest in its line of CRAFTsynth instruments. The new CRAFTsynth v2.0 is battery powered and packs eight oscillators and a huge amount of…
electro harmonix

Electro-Harmonix Announces 3 New Dirt Pedals in Time For Christmas

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Christmas is coming and Electro-Harmonix has surely been getting ready with the launch of three new pedals, the Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi, Nano Battalion and Flatiron Fuzz. This new range…

The Lenco-MD is a DIY Built, 3D Printed Turntable

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New to Kickstarter: The Lenco-MD bridges old and new technology like few other products out there. On one hand, it is a classic belt driven turntable. On the other, it…

Music Production HQ has a Huge List of Free Sample Libraries

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The legends at Music Production HQ have assembled a massive list of free sample libraries. The extensive index covers kits, guitars, keys, orchestral instruments and more.   If you ever…