9 Artists Who Have Reshaped the Fender Jazzmaster

AudioThing Unveils the Reels Lo-Fi Tape Emulation Plugin

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If you want to maintain a pristine sound, you've come to the wrong place. The Reels plugin by AudioThing celebrates the imperfect tones of a flea market tape recorder.  …

Connect to your DAW or Stand Alone with the Akai MPK Mini Play

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Akai Pro has revealed the MPK Mini Play. Yes, it still has regular MIDI control capabilities, but it also stands alone with its own built in sounds.   With or…
Art Van Delay

Bondi Effects Unleashes the Very Retro Art Van Delay Pedal

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With a housing that screams vintage, and a name that references Seinfeld, Australia's own Bondi Effects have created a very quirky little delay pedal. The Art Van Delay tips its hat…
prophet 5

Watch This New Documentary on the History of the Prophet Synthesiser

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For many synthheads, the story of the Prophet is one of the most interesting tales in the world of keys. David Smith began pulling apart and customising Minimoogs in the 1970s,…
Tanzbar 2

The MFB Tanzbär 2 Lets You Program Both Digital and Analogue Beats

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MFB have taken their successful Tanzbär and packed it with new features for their second rendition. One of the major new features of the Tanzbär 2, is its 8 new…
Jam Plus

Apogee Have Released Details For Their Updated Jam Mini Interface

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Apogee have released details for their updated Jam mini interface. It's called the Jam+ and it boasts a bunch of new features. The Jam was originally released back in 2010…
Last Dinosaurs yumeno garden

Going DIY: Last Dinosaurs Break Down The Making of ‘Yumeno Garden’

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Last Dinosaurs are heroes of Australian indie rock. A decade into their career they've released three excellent records, the latest being Yumeno Garden. The album sees the band navigating new…
Novation SL MKIII

Novation Unveil Their New All-Encompassing MIDI Controller, the SL MKIII

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Novation have unveiled the newest product in their line, the SL MKIII - a fully-featured, all-encompassing MIDI controller. Novation have unveiled their new all-encompassing MIDI controller, the SL MKIII. Check out…
Grand Canyon

Electro-Harmonix Have Released Their Beefed Up Grand Canyon Delay & Looper

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Early last year, Electro-Harmonix released a brand new compact delay and looper pedal, the Canyon, which was quickly picked up as one of the finest new delays at its price…

Neunaber Unveils the Immerse Reverberator Mk II Pedal

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Neunaber has just announced the preorder availability of the Immerse Reverberator Mk II. It packs eight flavours of stereo reverb into one compact stompbox.   From old school springs to…
Orange White Crush 20

Orange Goes White With Their 50th Anniversary Edition White Crush 20

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It's Orange's 50th anniversary, and to celebrate, they've made a limited edition amp, the White Crush 20. If you're in the market for that classic British sound in a versatile…
future sounds brunswick

Solder On With The Brunswick Semi-Modular DIY Synth Kit

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Need a new DIY project? Here's one that actually sounds like a good idea. The Brunswick is a semi-modular synthesiser with a raw, bare-bones finish, offering a single oscillator, multimode…
Moog One Polysynth

Product Design Engineer Amos Gaynes Holds Moog One Reddit AMA

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Another day, another scoop from Moog on their flagship Moog One Polysynth. If the hype is anything to go off, this unit will probably go down in the history books.…
Moog One

Moog Offers the First Glimpse of Their Flagship Moog One Polysynth

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For most synth-heads, it's the biggest release of the year, so if you've been waiting for a bit more of a scoop on Moog One Polysynth check this one out.…

Erica Synths Launches the Techno System Eurorack Bundle

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Billed as the "ultimate tool for rhythm based music production" the Techno System by Erica Synths provides everything you need to create a techno masterpiece.   The possibilities are endless.…

Ableton Releases Probability Pack Randomisation Plugins for Live 10 Suite

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Probability Pack is a set of five devices that aims to bring controlled randomisation to musical ideas in Ableton. It was developed by Sonic Faction and is free to owners…