9 Artists Who Have Reshaped the Fender Jazzmaster

roland space echo re 201 front view

Delays from Distant Galaxies: The Roland Space Echo

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Despite it's ability to transport sounds into distant galaxies, the lineage of the Roland Space Echo stretches back into the primitive beginnings of recording. Why? Because it utilises that trusty…
empirical labs distressor

The Empirical Labs Distressor: A Modern Master of Dynamics

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The classic image of the studio involves bar-fridge sized racks, crammed with outboard gear, with the expensive front panels looking up to greet you, inviting you to patch them in.…
audio technica g1 headphones

Immersion in a World of Your Own: The Evolution of Gaming Audio

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When we look back into the primordial beginnings of video games, the archetypal 8 bit sounds of arcade machines and the early consoles immediately spring to mind. There could have…

Want to work at Enmore Audio? We’re looking for a writer to join our Sydney team

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Enmore Audio are looking for new writing interns to join our team in Sydney. We’ve checked into a brand new office and we’re looking for a few new faces to…
wurlitzer electric piano

The Wurlitzer Electric Piano: A Story of Innovation and Effortless Cool

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Before the release of their first electric piano, Wurlitzer had, remarkably, been a company for a hundred years. Beginning its life in the American midwest in 1853, the company gained…
neve 1073 preamp EQ

The Undisputed Champ of the Preamp: the Neve 1073

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For the average civilian, the quality of mic preamps is probably not a concern. Even for most musicians who are au fait with the studio, they’re hardly the sexiest component…
moog minimoog analog monosynth

One Note at a Time: the Tales of 5 Legendary Monosynths

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With the evolutionary advancement of synth technology, the options for creating sounds have exponentially increased. In the the analog world the voices have piled up and the internal architecture has…
paul mccartney hofner bass

The Unlikely Hero of the Groove: the Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass

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On paper, the Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass shouldn't have been popular. For example, why would an instrument that most closely resembles the highest pitch member of the string family be…
hayden james between us interview

Perfection in Simplicity: Hayden James on the Making of Between Us

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For someone who has just released his debut album, Hayden James has already put together a mightily impressive CV. Since his self-titled EP, the Sydney native has toured with Disclosure,…

Korg’s Minilogue and Monologue Get Free Major Updates

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Korg has released some major updates to the Minilogue and Monologue keyboards, with firmware that's making them a little closer to each other in terms of features. Version 2.0 firmware…
dawless youtubers desktop synth youtube

6 DAWless YouTubers Everyone Should Follow

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Yes, we all know how great DAWs are. They've ushered in a whole new generation of artists, engineers, mixers and more into the music world - making the production easier…
gibson lawsuit copyright infringement

Gibson Encourages Players to Report Fake Guitars

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Gibson is hot on copyright infringement at the moment, threatening to sue guitar builders making counterfeit versions of their products. In the latest development, there is now a form on…

Ableton’s New Website Teaches Synths Step-By-Step

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It is no secret that synths are hard to understand and can seem intimidating if you've never worked with them before. Breaking the instrument down into its elemental parts is…
audio technica ath-anc900bt headphones

Find Comfort in Isolation with the ATH-ANC900BT from Audio-Technica

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The world of media is increasingly encouraging us to focus what's going on between the ears. With the ATH-ANC900BT headphones, Audio-Technica aims to bring comfort and consistency across music, podcasts…

From Blade Runner to Africa – it’s Time to Celebrate the Yamaha CS-80

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The ‘70s saw incredible leaps forward in music tech, many in the realm of electronic instruments. The record industry had reached a new level of maturity in its evolution and…
delaydelus module daedelus bleep labs

Daedelus and Bleep Labs Team Up for the Delaydelus 2

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In 2015, Daedelus and Bleep Labs released the original Delaydelus, a limited-edition custom sampler and delay unit with arcade style-buttons and alligator-clip patch play. Now, they've unveiled its successor, the…