9 Artists Who Have Reshaped the Fender Jazzmaster

build your own soft synth

Want to Make Your Own Soft Synth? There’s a Book for That

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It's the dream of many. To retire to the shed, knock out a DIY synth and watch the world change in its wake. Generously, Sean Luke of George Mason University…
output portal granular synth plugin

Redesign the Grains of Sound with Portal from Output

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Granular synthesis can turn out sounds like no other. Breaking down raw audio and redesigning it to make something completely fresh is no doubt fun, but can be difficult. Portal…
klevgrand modley delay plugin

Klevgrand Modley – a Simple Delay is Just the Beginning

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Sure, echoes are great, but it's often just one element in the chain to make a compelling ambient environment. Blending other the styles of effect with the delay can create…
vcv 1.0 virtual modular synth

It’s Here at Last – Meet the VCV 1.0 Virtual Modular Synth

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Even if you're not familiar with modular synthesis, just the look of it can be quite overwhelming. Patch cables and an endless array knobs spread out before you, all of…
kboard pro 4 keith mcmillen midi control mpe

Express Yourself with Keith McMillen’s K-Board Pro 4

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It's clearly an exciting time to be interacting with MIDI. New technologies have unlocked new and intuitive ways to express yourself musically. The K-Board Pro 4 combines multi expression capabilities…
soniccouture attic 2 soft synth kontakt

The Attic 2 Delivers 18 Quirky Synths to Your DAW

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Sure, who doesn't love the sound of those big, lush analog classics. Listening to their sound quality, it's easy to understand why they've earned the accolades. But what of the…
sunn o))) life pedal distortion octave drone metal

Sunn O))) and EarthQuaker Devices Team Up for the Epic Life Pedal

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Drone metal legends Sunn O))) have collaborated with pedal makers EarthQuaker Devices the Life Pedal. This limited edition number epitomises all you'd expect from the band - bone crushing distortion…

Fulltone Unveils the Ultimate OCD with the New CS-OCD-Ge Overdrive

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Fans of Fulltone's much cloned OCD circuit will know that there have been various versions of this stomper, but Fulltone founder Michael Fuller has described the newest, custom shop version…
delta cep a radikal technologies synth eurorack modular

The Delta CEP A from Radikal Technologies Makes Modular Easy

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Modular is all the rage at the moment. And for good reason. The possibilities of mixing and matching modules to suit your taste, all under the standardised Eurorack umbrella makes…
David Gilmour's Guitars

Touch David Gilmour’s Guitars… In VR!

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There are only days until 120 of David Gilmour's guitars go under that hammer, including his infamous Black Strat. For now, however, they are on display in New York, and…
Numark Scratch Mixer

Numark Releases Scratch Two Channel Mixer

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Numark has been pioneering in the mixer department for many years, including the groundbreaking HDCD-1 which was the first DJ playback system with a built-in hard drive. Now the company…

Gibson Pulls Video Threatening Rival Brands After Uproar

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To call the last couple of years for Gibson a rollercoaster is an understatement. Last year, they stared down the threat of bankruptcy, then kicked off 2019 with a host…
Grandmaster Flash

Grandmaster Flash Wins Sweden’s Polar Prize For DJing

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Grandmaster Flash has become the first DJ and Rapper to win Sweden's Polar Prize a.k.a 'the Music Nobel Prize'. Previous winners of the prestigious award include Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Yo-Yo…
intrfx boredbrain eurorack synth effects pedals

INTRFX Connects Stompboxes, Eurorack and Electronic Instruments

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As bedroom setups expand and more people continue to dive into the Eurorack rabbit hole, the question of how to make the most of all your gear becomes more apparent.…
kodamo essencefm fm synth

EssenceFM is Kodamo’s Hardware Synth of the Future

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FM synthesis has made quite the comeback of late. After the insane popularity of the Yamaha DX7 wained, this distinct digital architecture dipped as well, giving way to the renaissance…
logic pro x update 10.4.5

Need 2,000 Tracks? The New Version of Logic Has You Covered

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Sure it's a bit of a facetious headline, but in the workflow of the modern media composer, or music producer, track counts can really add up. Though there have always…