9 Artists Who Have Reshaped the Fender Jazzmaster

Pioneer DJ Transparent

Pioneer DJ’s New Transparent CDJ & Mixer a Clear Choice

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Pioneer, in conjunction with designer and DJ Virgil Abloh, has created a transparent version of their flagship Nexus CDJ and Mixer. The new models were created to be displayed at…

Percy Grainger Made Music for Synths Before they were Invented

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Percy Grainger was the Australian born composer who was working in the turbulent, avant-garde period of the early 20th century. Aside from making music, he also created devices to facilitate…

Ernie Ball Music Man Launches the Hunter Hayes Cutlass

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The Hunter Hayes Cutlass electric is the latest in the Ernie Ball Music Man's artist series. It's packed with features that are designed for the Grammy-nominated country artist. Designed with…
Real time royalty data

Sony Music Announces New Payment Perks For Signed Artists

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Sony Music Entertainment has sent a letter to signed artists detailing two payment new perks - 'Real-Time Royalties' and 'Cashouts'. The new features will help artists to check and withdraw…

The Ultramarine 4 is a Fairchild with EQ and Reverb

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Acustica Audio has unveiled the Ultramarine 4 plugin suite. Its inspiration is the Fairchild 670 - the compressor that spawned any number of tributes. It also adds two EQs, a…

A=432Hz, The Math, The Myth, The Legend

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A=432Hz, you might have heard of it before. Probably one of those times you stayed up watching YouTube videos until 4 am. Supporters believe that 432Hz should be the tuning…

Puremagnetik’s Clusters Goes Deep Into Creative Modulation

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Puremagnetik has unveiled Clusters. It's a plugin that delivers on classic tremolo, but goes further into the modulated territories by splitting the frequency spectrum and exploring ring modulation. A simple…

Stevie Nicks, Kimbra and More Donate to Girls Rock Reverb Gives Auction

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A host of artists, including Joan Jett, Tash Sultana, Cat Power, Billie Eilish and dozens more are donating a range of products to support the Girls Rock Reverb Gives auction.…

Fender Launches the Rarities Red Mahogany Top Telecaster

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Fender has revealed the latest in it rarities collection. It's the Red Mahogany Top Telecaster and it combines only the best of tonewoods and pickups. One for the top end…

Meris Reveals the Hedra 3-Voice Rhythmic Pitch Shifter

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Meris has unveiled the Hedra 3-Voice Rhythmic Pitch Shifter. Yes, the title is a mouthful, but what it essentially does is send guitar (and line level) tone into parallel, pitch…
Pioneer DDJ-200

Pioneer DJ Releases the Streaming Ready DDJ-200 Controller

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Pioneer DJ has released a brand new baby controller, the DDJ-200. The new entry level model comes as a further expansion to the company's controller lineup, after the recent release…

Waves Dives Deep into the Subharmonic with Submarine

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Unlocking that bottom octave has long since been a challenge for mix engineers. Now Waves have come up with their own solution: the Submarine plugin. Clarity and weight in the…

Vanflet Launches the Station 1 Amp in a Pedal

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Vanflet has debuted the Station 1 guitar amp. Or is it a guitar amp? Well, it certainly has the power, tone and connectivity you need for the studio, stage and…

IK Multimedia’s Bully Bass Synth Free for a Limited Time

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The Moog Taurus is one of the most coveted of all bass synth sounds. Now, Bully, IK Multimedia's recreation of that classic, is free for a limited time. The unmistakeable…
Roboheadz Airsynth

Turn Your Phone Into a Theremin With Roboheadz’ AirSynth

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AirSynth is a new app by Roboheadz that combines new technology with old sounds to turn your phone into a theremin. By waving your hands over the camera you can…
Fuzz Factory Clear

Z.Vex is Finally Being Transparent With the New Fuzz Factory Clear

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The latest from Z.Vex offers transparent drive and crystal-clear highs, well kind of. The new Fuzz Factory Clear is a limited-edition, hand-wired version of Zachary Vex's famous effect. Now let's…