Need a DAW on the Fly? Beatmaker 3 Might Be For You

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  • July 12, 2017
beatmaker 3

Intua is set to release Beatmaker 3, a DAW for iOS, on July 15.

beatmaker 3

Beatmaker 3 by Intua allows you to capture the energy of live performance with a full DAW experience on a mobile platform.

Along with a host of workflow upgrades, Beatmaker 3 promises better integration with other IOS music software.

Features include: Loops and powerful, high quality instruments, seamless interaction with hardware MIDI instruments via a high power sampling engine including realtime time stretching and pitch shifting, live performance, remixing and sketching with scene mode and import/export soundpacks for building a library of sounds.

A versatile production facility in its own right Beatmaker 3 has a traditional step sequencer, multi layered sampler as well as a bunch of effects that you’d expect from a DAW, including delays, reverbs, bit crusher and stereo widening capability.

These features make a pretty formidable package for flexible recording and performing with mobility.

Check out the Intua website for more info.

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Dan Shaw is recording and mixing engineer at Enmore Audio. He also plays bass in Wells and Circle.

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