Korg Releases the iMono/Poly Synth for iOS

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  • August 29, 2017

Korg have announced the iOS remake of their innovative Mono/Poly synth: the iMono/Poly.

The iMono/Poly is a new synth from Korg that combines the best of monophonic leads and polyphonic pads in one app.

The original Mono/Poly, released in 1981 had four VCOs which can be played in 4-voice poly mode, or linked in unison for a mono lead sound. All features, and more, are reproduced in the form of the new iOS app.

The synth is expandable through eight virtual patches and two multi-effect units that are provided with 128 presets, with more available via purchase.

Playability is provided through a standard keyboard interface, MIDI editor with keyboard roll, effects and patch screen and Kaoss Pad style X/Y axis controllers.

For more info, including on how to purchase, check out the Korg website.

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Dan Shaw is recording and mixing engineer at Enmore Audio. He also plays bass in Wells and Circle.

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