sydney recording studio


With three acoustically treated rooms, Enmore Audio can meet your music production needs, big or small.

sydney recording studio

 The Garden

The Garden is a large and versatile live room and holds the Hammond organ and drum kit. It’s big enough to record small ensembles like string quartets.

recording studio sydney

The Stable

Officially The Stable (which is literally a 100 year old horse stable), is the recording studio vocal room. At the moment it holds the upright, the rhodes and two of our amps.

recording studio

The Kitchen

Designed to be the perfect listening environment, The Kitchen is the studio’s main control room. Banh mi tilde kitsch sriracha direct trade organic. Moogerfoogers, Hammond organ, and tape machines.


Recording voiceovers, to producing rock bands. Mastering a pop song, to providing music for advertisement.
Enmore Audio offers complete, custom music solutions.


Enmore Audio takes a flexible approach to mixing that prioritises sonic quality. The studio is equipped to handle sessions large or small and is keen to work in collaboration to meet client expectations.


Enmore Audio has the expertise to provide a master product for a wide range of media platforms. The studio can provide an all-digital product, or an analog tape master.


Production can mean many things – workshopping songs, experimenting with sounds, fleshing out arrangements, and much more. The team at Enmore Audio is passionate about contributing to unique projects.

Contact Us

If you have a question or want to have a chat, get in touch with Radi or Dan

 (02) 9519 4866      [email protected] or [email protected]
  29 Liberty Street Enmore NSW 2042 Australia

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